Straplines: why?

Why do companies spend a lot of time and effort on a strapline (sometimes also called tag-line)? To sum the company up and be easy to remember If I said to you “anytime, any place, anywhere” Well if you are British and over 40 you would immediately say Martini. “A xxxx a day helps you …

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Buyer Personas

A few weeks ago we looked at the Decision Making Unit for B2B roles, but what if you are a consumer facing business? Well, you have your buyer personas to define. How do I define a buyer persona? In short it is what your ideal customer(s) looks like. The more you understand your ideal customers …

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Mission Statement

When we discussed the Business Plan the mission statement is one of the first things that you need to have at the top of the plan. Often though it is one of the last things that is developed. So hard, so important A mission statement sums up your company, why you are in business, what …

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What is it, and how can you leverage it? CSR stands for Corporate Social Responsibility. It is not about greenwashing or doing things for how they look, but it is about how the company supports the wider community, without being legally bound to do so. It is done because the business is aware of the …

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