Planning for Success with a comprehensive business plan

We appreciate that there are various reasons you may need a business plan: for investors, for the bank, for internal use, to check if a business idea is viable. Each needs a slightly different tone of voice and possibly content, so we will always be guided by you.

What topics do we cover?

1. Executive summary
2. Board Structure
3. Definition of business
4. SMART objectives
5. SWOT analysis
6. PESTLE analysis
7. Competitor analysis for up to 5 competitors
8. Stakeholder identification
9. Definition of target audience
10. 8Ps of Marketing as relevant to your situation

a. Product / Service
b. Place (how to go to market)
c. Price
d. Physical evidence (eg certificates, membership cards)
e. People (key in delivering any service)
f. Process (how a service is delivered)
g. Promotion (a marcoms calendar and overview)
h. Planet (environmental impact and mitigation)

11. Potential alliances


Business plan:


Optional add-ons:

3 years financials                       £1000+VAT

5 years financials                       £1500+VAT

HR plan                                       £1500+VAT

Typical questions we are asked:

How long does the business planning process take?

That varies by the business. Typically, the business plan document production from the first workshop to second workshop would be a week or two, to first draft of the business plan would be another week or so. It depends on the amount of research that is needed, your availability for the workshops and how quickly you respond to qualification questions when drafting is taking place.

Do you ever say a business is not viable?

In short, yes if the market sizing is not there, if the pricing can’t be achieved and the company would lose money, then yes we tell you that. Tough love is difficult, but it is the best thing at times.

Can you give ongoing advice and support?

Yes, please see Business Mentoring.