Reaching out and improving with business mentoring

Business Mentoring

Sometimes you just need a sounding board to make sure you are on the right track. At other times you want help to move to the next stage of your business. That is where business mentoring can help you.

We can work with you to solve challenges. For some we just operate as a professional chaser to keep you on track and accountable for the deadlines that you have set yourself. For some we are hands on, for others hands off.

What do we offer?                  

Cut Through Marketing offers mentoring packages from 4 hours telephone support over a month, to a full day a week at your premises.

We are led by you and your needs! There are no cookie cutter solutions here.

How can you learn more?

Just get in touch with what you are looking for from a business mentoring point of view. We will arrange a 15-30 minute call to get more details. We also check that we fit personality wise, after all you want a mentor you get on with but who will also tell you how it is. Following the call we will send you a detailed proposal of how we can help. If you need help on the HR side at any time, then as we are part of B2B Consulting (Global), we will introduce you to HRVectro.

What do you have to lose? Get in touch today!