Straplines: why?

Why do companies spend a lot of time and effort on a strapline (sometimes also called tag-line)?

To sum the company up and be easy to remember

  1. If I said to you “anytime, any place, anywhere” Well if you are British and over 40 you would immediately say Martini.
  2. “A xxxx a day helps you work, rest and play” – what is the xxxx, well again in the UK and you are 25 or over then it would be Mars. Healthy eating and growing obesity has meant that the strapline was changed, but there are rumblings that “Work. Rest. Play longer.” Is going to come back linking Mars to energy for exercise (think the Red Bull “Gives you Wings” for a sugar and caffeine laden drink).
  3. “XXXX XXXXXX made to make your mouth water” before Opal Fruits became Starburst – yes there are those of us who are now singing that in our heads.
  4. “You can do it when you XXXX it” I bet you autofilled in B&Q here as you were reading.
  5. Coming more up to date: can you match up the supermarket with the tag:
    1. Every little helps
    2. Only at your XXXX
    3. That’s why Mums go to XXXX
    4. Everyone deserves quality food. Everyone deserves XXXX
    5. Helping everyone eat better
    6. That’s XXXX price
    7. If you LIKE …. you might like XXXX
    8. Big on quality, XXXX on price
    9. Make good things happen

(Answers at the bottom of the blog just in case you need them).

Do you see what the strapline does?

It reinforces the key values for the company’s target audience – B&Q want people to do DIY; Lidl play on the sound similarity to little and know that their target customers want low prices but don’t want to forgo quality; Iceland are messaging busy families. Aldi’s is a little different as it can be changed to different items from fresh meat to baby’s nappies.

A good strapline can be remembered for years after the marketing campaign has finished so it gives your marketing pound a longer lifespan.

Getting to those few words though is one of the most difficult things that a company can do, but it is well worth the time and money spent on it. If you need help with a strapline then give us a call.



1. Tesco 2. M&S 3. Iceland 4. Waitrose 5. Sainsburys 6. Asda 7. Aldi 8. Lidl 9. Morrisons