Using Marketing to Bounce Back after Covid-19

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You are probably fed up reading how there is going to be a new normal, but what does that mean for you? Your clients? Of course, that depends on the sector that you are in, and where you and they are based. Different geographies and different sectors have different rules.

What is important is keeping in touch with your clients and prospects, make them feel valued. Let them know that you are available to help them achieve the new normal and mutual success no matter what happens next in the Covid-19 story.

Focus on getting good news stories out there by PR or email newsletter. If you’ve brought x% of your staff back in from furlough – let it be known! It will reflect well on your business, but it could also give confidence to your suppliers and your clients to follow suit.

Review how you are going to achieve leads – exhibitions for some companies are key – but they are not likely to happen in the near future and when they do come back attendance levels may be sharly down. So, look at diverting any events budget into online events, your own webinars, SEM, online advertising, or to the bottom line if the company need is there. There is no point spending a marketing budget if that means that the company is not going to make it!

If your clients are struggling for cashflow, then see if there is anything you can do to help proactively. Make sure that you pay your suppliers on time, or even early if your cashflow can handle it, so that they minimise issues paying their own suppliers. Both clients and suppliers will remember the help and support, no matter how small, in the future.

Is that really marketing? Well they are stakeholders in your business, whether clients or suppliers, so yes it is!