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What is a Marketing Power Hour from
Cut Through Marketing?

Basically a power hour is an hour where we, as B2B marketing experts, concentrate on YOUR issue:

  • Do you have a lead blockage that needs troubleshooting?
  • Need to improve your conversion rates?
  • Can’t decide what to do next?
  • Your results are not as you had expected from a campaign and you want an external pair of eyes to advise?
  • Struggling with knowing what to prioritise for the next quarter?
  • Just don't know where to start with all things marketing? (you probably have more of an idea than you first realise!)

Whatever the issue this is an hour dedicated to JUST that. So that you take control of your marketing to benefit your business.

Sometimes an hour’s focused discussion is enough to answer your queries, so why sign up for more than you need?

Sometimes the hour may give you the pathway and then you decide to move on to a Fractional CMO package – the decision is always yours, we never push anybody towards something that they do not want or need!

To maximise the output, give us a heads up prior to the call about your issue – as we are sure you don’t want to spend time explaining while the clock is ticking do you?