Why should you use marketing automation?

It doesn’t matter how big or small your organisation is, maximising the conversion rates of each and every lead or enquiry is an ideal. But how do you make sure that every inward contact is followed up? Every one of them is qualified and nurtured until sales ready? You could try a manual system of follow up calls and emails, but that’s not very scalable is it? It can be very resource heavy.

This is where marketing automation comes in to its own. As an enquiry comes in to the organisation, then the enquiry is serviced, but if they are not ready to move over to sales, then you put them into a lead nurturing programme.

By using marketing automation you can take the prospect on a journey. A journey that they control by their actions (opening the email, any click throughs) mean that the next communication is affected. Before any email is uploaded to the system, the journey variations need to be drawn up so that you know what each email is designed to do, what you are looking to achieve which each email. These plans are referred to as waterfalls as one drop at the top can take various paths down to the base of the waterfall.

The emails are there to move the prospect closer to ordering your type of solution and to ensure that it is your organisation which is top of mind, not your competitors. So, the emails should make sure that they are moving through the qualification process. The marketing automation software packages tend to call this scoring. If an email is opened that has a score, if a click to an asset (a brochure, a case study, a webinar recording, a white paper, a landing page, a demo video) is recorded then that adds to the score, with different assets having different scores, but if they delete without being read then the score can be reduced and different actions taken.

When the score gets to a certain level then it can be passed to sales for follow up and further qualification if the prospect hasn’t got in touch proactively.

Below you can see a simple sample waterfall to show how different actions lead to different paths.

If you want any help on designing your marketing automation waterfalls to make sure that every enquiry is followed up, then please drop us a line, we’re very happy to help.