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What would a Fractional CMO do for you?

Strategic direction: Sometimes, you need the strategic guidance of a Chief Marketing Officer or Marketing Director, but you really can’t justify the salary at the moment. When you add all the employment costs then instead of a £100,000 salary you’re looking at circa £120K with employer’s NI, Social Care Levy, pension at 3%, but then on top you have a company car or car allowance to fund, health insurance, life insurance as well as IT expenditure and desk space.

Fill the gap: Maybe you are between CMOs or Marketing Directors and need someone to keep the ship steady while you recruit, as that can take 3-4 months to find someone, sometimes more, and then they could be on 3-6 months’ notice period too. Business doesn’t stop in those situations, but as the MD or CEO do you have the capacity to take on overseeing the marketing as well?

Project Manage: You have a large one-off project where you need an external pair of hands, for example, to steer the rebranding exercise or harmonisation of messaging post-merger.

We offer three levels of package depending on what your needs are:

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Fractional CMO

Includes one 2-hour or two 1-hour videoconferences a month, email support outside of that, plus agreed deliverables. This package is useful for small companies who need advice on building their audience, if their marketing strategy is going in the right direction or building the company branding.

£1600+VAT a month.

Fractional CMO Standard

Includes one 2-hour or two 1-hour videoconference(s) a week, email and telephone support outside of those calls. For companies who need a bit more hand holding or have more deliverables required.

£2500+VAT a month

Fractional CMO Bespoke

Sometimes you will need more than what comes with the Lite or Standard package. That is when we sit down together and work on what you do need and what that would look like, maybe some months would be a lot lighter than others, but if it helps you we’d calculate the full cost and then spread it across the months for your easier budgeting and cashflow.