Brand image, who owns it?

Does the marketing team own the brand image? NO!

But are they not in charge of the logo and things like that? Yes, but the company’s brand image is owned by EVERYONE!

From the way

  • the phone is answered,
  • to the contents of every email,
  • to how a sales person behaves in a meeting or corporate hospitality event,
  • to the marketing done by the company,

everyone has a part to play in protecting and promoting the company’s brand image and values.

If a lead has been generated, and that person calls your company and the welcome is rude then they will hang up – well you would, wouldn’t you? Making sure that the way the prospect is spoken to is in a professional, polite manner is basic common sense isn’t it? You would be surprised!

Back in 2020 I had to phone a few solicitors to try and get a piece of work done. Furlough and social distancing were still upon us, but please why have an answering machine telling me to look up on the website the mobile number for the person I need to speak to. I was new business, I didn’t necessarily know the person I needed to speak to. Would it be too much to ask to have the main number diverted to a human?

If a client contacts your company with a direct question, then telling them that your process means that they need to complete form B in triplicate before they can talk to someone, they will hang up. By all means have a process for 99% of calls, but always be aware that there will be that enquiry that doesn’t fit your process, yet still could be very valuable business. Telling the prospect, “that’s the way it is” does not make the prospect feel listened to or valued.

Don’t answer the phone with something unintelligible or a grunt, be clear, announce the company name, smile (it can be heard down the line), don’t make the prospect feel as though they have inconvenienced you for daring to phone.

Do not call me doll, mate, love or darling – I am a professional and you should treat me as such. (Especially when I’m phoning a professional organisation such as a solicitors’ firm.) Don’t say “hang on a min, cheers…[cheesy, screechy hold music]” but “please hold, thanks…[clear and calming hold music]”.

Back in 2020 when I eventually got to a polite human being, I was ready to give them my business without even asking about the cost. I’d just been through a tirade of unprofessionalism from others, but they didn’t have capacity. They were just too busy with other clients already – I wonder why?

So, I ask again who is responsible for brand image in your organisation? It is EVERYONE!

[originally posted 23/7/20; edited 19/3/24]