For Start-Up and SME Technology Companies




What's keeping you awake at night?

Not knowing

  • how to enter the market?
  • how to identify your ideal client?
  • how to build a consistent pipeline?
  • how to get your pricing strategy right?
  • how to build awareness that you exist?


Woman awake worrying at night

Struggling to Sleep?


Man with head in hands

Can't find the answers?


Step-by-step to YOUR Strategy

Workshop 1: Where to?

Your aims, your objectives, your mission, your vision, your value proposition, your USPs

Workshop 2: Who to?

Who is the ideal client? What do they look like? Where do they look for information? Does your current messaging speak to them?

Workshop 3: The external?

Where do you fit today? Your competitors? Any external influences you need to be aware of? Who are your stakeholders? SWOT?

After the Workshops?

A detailed marketing strategy is written up for you.

Then to guide you through the implementation for the remainder of the 6 months: Your consultant stands with you - one day a week dedicated to you - advising, supporting, being a member of your team to drive your success.



The discovery of a clear path of where you want to be and why. A clear plan of how to go to market and promote the company. A plan for a steady stream of leads – in short, a good night’s sleep!

3 workshops, a detailed marketing strategy, a day a week for the 6 months to guide and oversee implementation of the strategy.

Being your sounding board.

To get the best results then as well as the C-suite, you should include your sales team as well as the lead developer / product manager.
It won’t take too much of their time, but it will give the company a direction that they buy into for increased motivation and results.

Each workshop is c.3 hours long. In addition we advise that there is a weekly conference call / meeting to review where you are at, where you need to be, and the next steps.
The one thing that is true of all plans is the need to change them when needed (Covid was an excellent example).

In addition to the workshops, a day a week for the 6 months duration, plus email / Teams messaging support in between times.

You will have your strategy in place.

You may decide to book a Fractional CMO package with us, or maybe you will have recruited in house resource.

It really is up to you and what's right for your business!


What YOUR future looks like...

Relaxed C-suite

Invested & Happy Team

Sales Increasing


What's the Investment?

As Strategy for Success Package.

£24,000 spread over 6 monthly payments of £4,000 each for the workshops, the strategy development and the one day a week consultancy.

Marketing Strategy

With the three workshops: £8,000.

Without the workshops: £3,900

Payable in two payments 50% up front 50% before final strategy delivered

All Fees Exclude VAT


A full day of consultancy £750.

Payable 50% of the series  booked up front, then monthly.