New Year: New Challenges or New Opportunities?

It would be easy to think that 2021 is going to be the same as 2020, after all we are back in lockdown, but there are many reasons to be hopeful.

The vaccine is being rolled out, which will allow the hospitality and beauty / grooming sectors to reopen again. Of course, if you are in an industry where you have had to close because of this lockdown times will be tough, but use the time to reassess business plans, marketing strategies, target groups. Revisit your USPs. Think of other ways of going to market.

I have heard of one make-up artist (film and stage) who can not work traditionally, but instead is putting together bespoke Zoom sessions for actors, and others, who are giving performances by Zoom so that they have the confidence to be able to do their own make-up. They all want the best experience for the audience. Is that make-up artist concerned that she will be replaced by actors serving themselves when lockdown is over? No, instead she is fostering loyalty and enabling the actors to be successful during these times. She will be sought after when normality returns. She had thought outside of the box and may even have a new revenue stream in the future training by video conference too.

Remember positive thinking makes the world go around a lot smoother.

During the first lockdown, I noticed in Iceland that Brakes, the catering company, were being stocked. Instead of stopping their ice-cream manufacturing totally, or allowing stocks to go to waste, they were selling 4 litre tubs in Iceland. It will not have replaced their normal sales, but it still allowed the end customers to have the restaurant ice-cream experience at home. That move by Brakes not only helped to protect their own sales but also of their supply chain – the farmers, the tub manufacturers and so on.

Lockdowns are hard on us all mentality, but by looking for the positives, by working for future success your mental health is protected and your business may just benefit from using the time to take a step back.

Of course, it is scary when revenues cease overnight, but concentrate on the positives and think of new ways to communicate with your clients, so they don’t feel forgotten, and remember your own supply chains and that they are impacted too. Indeed, the two may be the same people – if you are a hairdresser the sandwich shop next door may be your lunch provider, but the sandwich maker is also your client. Both businesses may be shut right now, but when allowed to reopen, then how about supporting each other? For example, hairdressing clients are given a discount voucher for the sandwich shop next door to increase footfall and confidence, and the sandwich maker has a free haircut themselves for allowing a poster to be put up in the sandwich shop promoting the discount scheme. In that way sandwich customers may book their own cut and colour appointment next door.

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